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Jim Bellacera

Jim Bellacera, Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. Jim possesses the experience and vast background necessary to create all the components that need to be present in order to build and move forward in ones life and career. He has the knowledge to combine, the inception and the communication of his vision. Jim took his combined experience and built the #1 training system that was largely responsible for training the largest number of its reps to help the fastest company in the history of Direct Sales to hit one billion dollars. Jim is a renowned Speaker, Author and authority on life change and small business success, selling and effective communication. He is the best selling author of Within the Millionaire Mind and Making Millions From Your Home. In addition to his books, Jim has written and developed training manuals and marketing materials for several companies to not only be better at selling, but how to implement personal development within their daily walk in life. His time-tested strategies have helped thousands of people around the world to create the success they were looking for. Jim's accomplishments have gained him respect and recognition from his peers, earning him a spot in, Cracking the Rich Code.

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