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Raymond Newkirk

Raymond is keynote speaker at ComplianceKey and he is a recognized Thought Leader and technology pioneer. He brings more than 30 years of GRC experience to the Platform. He has received more than 30 International Awards and Honours including the Ph.D. in Human Science with Distinction, the Churchill Medal of Wisdom, and Fellow of the British Institute of Management. He is a popular speaker having delivered presentations throughout the world. He has delivered consulting, coaching and training to organizations in more than 80 industries.
He is the Founder & CEO of SMI Corporation, a company that built the world's first Applied Intuitive Solutions? Platform using Deep Intelligence Technology?. He authored the first global standard that governs the development of Applied Intuitive Solutions? (AIS?).
Dr. Newkirk is highly credentialed speaker having earned doctorates in Philosophy, Behavioral Science, Human Science and Professional Psychology. Dr. Newkirk has written more than 500 E-Books. His most recent book series about Mastering Workplace Relationships provides a new framework for professional success using the IASTM Platform to rapidly solve difficult problems at work and home and in familiar and unfamiliar situations. He has published more than 300 articles for San Francisco exploring the challenges of career design.

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