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Wayne Barnard

Wayne Barnard, Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. Wayne understands his leadership role and is enthusiastic about being in front of the market to advocate the services and products he represents. A Management Consultant at heart, Wayne leverages his years of experience in auditing and business management to provide concise and clear answers to difficult business problems. Having led Barnard Howard for more than eight years, Wayne understands the industry requirements for integrity and clarity in the problems Barnard Howard tackles. Wayne is a visionary leader. He has the tenacity and experience to take an idea developed either independently or as part of a team, set the course, and navigate the team to success. With a customer focus and his strong business acumen, Wayne earns respect and client trust quickly, enabling business development opportunities. Whether communicating with staff, peers, customers, investors, or partners, Wayne is mature and effective in his message delivery. Execution is everything, and by providing clarity in focus and consistency in delivery to the team, clients, and the market, Wayne is able to create understanding and support around the message and deliver successfully. Not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get into the thick of things, Wayne manages by example and from experience, and has the intuition to know where and when he needs to weigh in.

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