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Veronika Mukhamedieva

Veronika Mukhamedieva is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. My work in WCH began in 2011, almost at once as I have come to this organization I understood that I have appeared in very modern and dynamically developing company. Here I was met by incredibly friendly and acceptable labor collective, everyone was ready to help me with all my undertakings. Practically from the first days working in this company I understood that it was necessary here to be improved constantly that was demanded by directly specifics of work. In this connection I began to study more and more information concerning all spheres of our activity . Daily replenishments of my knowledge increased my value as employee and first of all of my self-confidence in the qualification. In 2013 I have decided that it was necessary to certify my knowledge in what I have been supported from the company, and have submitted the application for passing an examination to AAPC. Same year AAPC held an annual conference in Orlando that has coincided with date of my examination and as a result I was lucky to participate together with my colleagues at that conference and at the same time successfully to pass examination and to receive CFPC certificate. At this moment I am already 5 years together with WCH, I don't stop with what has already been achieved, I try to increase constantly the level of the knowledge, and also to help beginners like previously my colleagues helped me, train them and direct them in the aspirations. For these 5 years I worked with a big number of clients each of which is dear to me as with each client in our company we try to build warm, it is possible even to tell the family relations. In my plans to continue working in this company as it is pleasant to me that here each employee is appreciated by the management as each of us is capable to bring a contribution to development and growth of the organization.

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