How to Respond to a HIPAA Breach

Jim Wener has over 40 years of experience in assisting health care organizations - both providers and payers - in identifying their automation requirements and helping these organizations select and successfully implement the automation most applicable for their needs. Since 1996 he has been an active lecturer, trainer, HIPAA assessment consultant helping a variety of health care providers (hospitals, payers, clinics and individual physician practitioners) become HIPAA compliant and an expert witness regarding HIPAA Breach litigation. He developed the IBM HIPAA assessment and training products........


It has become clear that health care organizations no longer have to worry about "if" a HIPAA Breach will occur; but, they have to worry about what to do when a HIPAA breach "does" occur. Even the most ardent HIPAA compliance followers have breaches occur. The biggest concern now is for a healthcare organization to know what to do when a breach occurs. This encompasses being able to know what a breach is when a breach occurred, what to do to mitigate the impact and harm of the breach, to whom the breach should be reported and the impact of the breach on the healthcare organization.
Although HIPAA is a set of federal laws and regulations, most, if not all, states have included or referenced the HIPAA privacy and security standards in state healthcare information privacy and security laws. Even in states where the HIPAA reference is ambiguous or lacking, the HIPAA regulations are the accepted healthcare industry standard for how providers, and others who create, maintain, store or report health care information, to protect a patient's health care information.

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Knowing what to do and when to do it when a HIPAA breach occurs will have a significant impact on any financial and/or legal penalties the organization, and its ownership and staff may face when dealing with federal or state authorities. As a result, the healthcare organization, and its management and staff are subject to both federal and state penalties. The federal HIPAA regulations separate the penalties for civil and criminal breaches based upon the work the health care organization performs to become compliant. Knowing how to respond to a breach is high on the list of expected activities that a health care organization must do to mitigate any penalties when a breach does occur.

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