Compliance with the 60-Day Overpayment Rule

Jay Anstine Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. He is the President of Bluebird Healthlaw Partners, LLC. As a healthcare lawyer specializing in regulatory compliance, Mr. Anstine consults to physicians, senior management, and boards of directors on compliance programs and regulatory issues impacting operations. Mr. Anstine's professional background includes working on the provider and the payer side of the market, for large for-profit and non-profit health systems, and small physician-owned entities. In tackling the countless regulatory and operational issues for these diverse organization types........


Historically, providers and suppliers enrolled in federal government healthcare programs have reconciled and returned overpayments through various post-payment audits. Additionally, these same entities have voluntarily returned self-identified overpayment through various self-disclosure methods made available to them.
When Congress passed the Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act of 2009 ("FERA"), these self-identified disclosures went from strongly encouraged to a mandatory obligation. FERA took the position that to keep the money constituted a "reverse false claim" under the False Claims Act (FCA) (31 U.S.C.  3729-3733).
This presentation will specifically address self-disclosures through the Centers for Medicare and Mediaid Services ("CMS") 60-Day Overpayment Rule. More specifically, it will walk attendees through the current regulatory framework governing reporting and returning obligations. Additionally, discussion will also include insights on how to conduct an internal review and the decisions involved such as determining when to report and where to disclose.

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If a Medicare participating provider or supplier fails to report and return an overpayment, the entity could face significant fines and penalties under the False Claims Act and the Civil Monetary Penalties Statute (42 U.SC.  1320a-7a). This presentation is designed to help guide you through the process to determine if you have an overpayment to help proactively protect your organization.

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The target audience for this presentation will be new-to-the-profession compliance officers or those in the role at an intermediate level.

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Duration: 60 mins

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