Building Trust and Breaking Down Barriers with Uncooperative and Hostile Interviewees

John E. Grimes III, CFE, CFI is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. has over 45 years of law enforcement, criminal investigation, loss prevention, fraud examination experience, and teaching experience. John began his law enforcement career with the Baltimore City Police Department where he became a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). John left Baltimore and became a Special Agent with the Amtrak Police Department Fraud and Organized Crime Unit and was later promoted to Captain of the CID. In 1993, John joined the Amtrak Office of Inspector General/Office of Investigations as ........


Most people do not want to be interviewed in relation to an investigation. This includes suspect, witnesses, possible witnesses, victims, and individuals that possess needed information. These individuals can display attitudes of resentfulness, reticence, animosity, wariness, reluctance, superiority, and hostility. The interview objective is to receive truthful information to assist in the investigation. In order to reach the truth, it is imperative that a professional interviewer break down barriers, overcome objections, and build a level of trust with the interviewee.
Changing the attitude of the interviewee and building trust begins when the interviewer arranges the interview and continues during the introductory stages. Trust building continues during the preliminary rapport building questions. Through the use of alternate word choices, demeanour, tone of voice, hand gestures, and proxemics the interviewer can create an atmosphere of trust. Additionally, the interviewer can convey his or her objectivity and fairness through the use of trust building opening statements. An interviewer who is objective and fair will earn a reputation that will assist in achieving the truth in future interviews.  

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Interviewing is not a peripheral task that is undertaken in the wake of conducting an investigation. Interviewing is a critical component of an investigation. Investigative Information is gleaned from a variety of sources, i.e. computer data, documents, trace evidence, and of course people. It is people who commit crimes and possess information to assist in the investigative outcome. It is imperative that skilled interviewers are able to draw out the truth from people. Without a doubt the best investigators are the ones with the best interview skills.
If you are conducting investigative interviews, you might have received training in how to detect deceptiveness by evaluating the interviewees' body language and non-verbal behavior. However, most interviewers have not received training on dealing with uncooperative and hostile interviewees. Before you can begin evaluating indications of truthfulness or deceptiveness, you have to overcome objections to being interviewed and change the attitude of interviewees who are not cooperative.

If you have not received training in this regard you will benefit from its detailed focus. If you have received similar training, you will benefit from this presentation's unique approach. You will learn the motivation behind interviewees' attitudes of resentfulness, reticence, animosity, wariness, superiority, and hostility. Since the main interview objective is reaching the truth, you will learn what motivates suspects, victims, witnesses, possible witnesses, and individuals that possess needed information to not be truthful or deceptive. 

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