HIPAA Breach - or Not? How to Find Out & What to Do

Paul Hales is a Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Columbia University Law School and is licensed to practice law before the Supreme Court of the United States. He is an expert on HIPAA Privacy, Security, Breach Noti?cation and Enforcement Rules with a national HIPAA consulting practice based in St. Louis. Paul is the author of all content in The HIPAA E-Tool, an Internet-based, Software as a Service product for health care providers and business associates.


More than 170 million Americans have been affected by Breaches of Unsecured Protected Health Information (PHI) since 2009. A Ransomware attack that encrypts PHI is now presumed to be a HIPAA Breach by Federal regulators. HIPAA Breach Notification Content and Timeliness are 2 of the top Enforcement priorities of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the HIPAA enforcement arm of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Breaches of unsecured PHI is becoming more and more common. The question is not whether a Covered Entity or Business Associate will suffer a Breach. Unfortunately, it is when will you suffer your next (or first) Breach.
You should attend this session to learn exactly what to do if your organization suspects it has suffered a Potential Breach or has been attacked by Ransomware. You will learn how to investigate, assess, determine and document whether you have suffered a Breach of Unsecured PHI that requires Breach Notifications, when and how to provide Breach Notification and the other things you must do when you have a Breach.
There is a secret to HIPAA Compliance. The secret is the HIPAA Rules are easy to follow, step-by-step, when you know the steps.
In this session, you will learn and see the 5 steps of HIPAA Breach Notification Rule compliance explained clearly in plain language.

Areas Covered in the Session:

This webinar for HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates explains the 5 Steps of HIPAA Breach Notification Rule Compliance. They are:

This webinar explains the inter-connected Breach Notification Rule requirements of Covered Entities and Business Associates when a Business Associate or Subcontractor Business Associate suffers a Breach. And it covers the special, more restrictive compliance requirements when a Business Associate or Subcontractor is an Agent under the Federal Common Law of Agency - including how to avoid creating an Agency relationship by mistake.

Who can Benefit:

Health Care Providers of all types - for example:

Business Associates of all types - for example:Third Party Administrators - usually Insurance Brokers
Target Job Titles:

Webinar Id: HIPHPH010

Training Options:

Duration: 60 mins

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