Managing Payment Risk with the Top Twenty Payment Controls

Chris  is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. She held senior finance and controller positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, and Hewlett Packard which allowed her to develop and implement standards of internal control and leading practices for all aspects of financial operations. She was recruited to lead WorldCom (MCI) in the implementation of internal controls, policies, and corporate governance processes. She fine tuned her consulting experience in the Procure to Pay (P2P) area at APEX Analytix and BSI Healthcare. In 2012, Chris joined her husband David at Doxey, Inc. Now as presi........


The concept of internal control is one of the trademarks of effective governance and good business operations. Without a strong system of internal control, organizations cannot ensure that the interests of company stakeholders are being protected. Strong internal controls support organizational goals and objectives while helping safeguard against the risks of financial loss, operational waste, environmental irresponsibility, corporate fraud, and even reputational damage that can be irreparable.Internal control over financial reporting continues to be a major area of importance in the governance of an organization. A correct payment will ensure accurate financial reporting and results.

According to Accenture, the corporate payments market is at a critical juncture in today's banking landscape. Improved customer experience in the retail payments segment driven by mobility, cashless transactions, easy accessibility and cost-effectiveness has increased expectations in the corporate payments system considerably.

For example, it takes a few minutes to browse, select and purchase grocery items through an online app, whereas it takes days or even weeks, and loads of paperwork to procure stationery items for the office through the traditional corporate payments system. In such a scenario, there is a growing demand to usher in a substantial change in the corporate payments landscape on both sides of the bank-client relationship.

To achieve these objectives, the corporate payments sector has to first overcome several challenges, such as fragmented banking products and relationships, rigid and paper-based processes, lack of transparency in payments, costs of complying with new regulations, and problems related to cross-border transactions. This webinar will show you how to control your payment process with current best practices. 

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