Minimizing Total Landed Costs through Trade Strategies

Ms. Waltuck Barnett is a Keynote speaker at ComplianceKey and she is a highly regarded global trade professional, having created and implemented global and domestic trade compliance programs across many industries for companies large and small. Her experience includes oversight of a $5B, 65-location division of Honeywell, a $3B, 17-location division of Motorola, and Global Trade Optimization for Dell, Inc., among others. Ms. Waltuck has worked in the international trade arena in various industries for nearly 20 years. Her professional accomplishments include multi-million dollar global supply ........


This short webinar discusses some lawful techniques to take costs out of a global supply chain based on various theories.

In the last several decades, international traders have supported the implementation of a variety of trade programs across the globe to increase profitability by reducing cross-border costs. The majority of these initiatives has been at the behest of very large multinationals, but now you can learn what they already know, and apply their secrets to your operations, no matter the size, to become as profitable as possible. And remain competitive on the global stage.

In this session, expert speaker, Randi S. Waltuck Barnett will do a quick review of the three drivers of duties assessed upon importation (Classification, Valuation, and Origin): a quick review of InCoTerms and how they affect true total landed cost, and see what opportunities may exist for you in minimizing your duty exposure by seeking strategies in all these areas, and more.

Under the proliferation of complex global trade programs over the last several decades, many opportunities for costs savings can be easily overlooked. Learn how to find and implement all applicable strategies to maintain your most competitive advantage.

All US importers have the legal responsibility to "exercise reasonable care" in all aspects of their importations. This session will also discuss various tools such as ACE Accounts, Customs own website, corrective measures for identified material violations, and methods for finding data-driven opportunities. In addition, you will get best-in-class insights on how to ensure you have all your important data to avoid being blind-sided by risks that you may be wholly unaware of. Lastly, you'll learn about opportunities to automate these practices.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Profit maximization is always the goal of any business. Finding ways to take costs out of any supply chain can directly improve the bottom-line, notably when done lawfully and without impacting transit/cycle times. This webinar will show you various legal theories that your company can implement to minimize your total landed costs. 

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