Nasal decolonization as a tool for infection prevention

Sue Barnes is the Keynote Speaker at Compliance Key. Sue Barnes is an independent clinical consultant. She is Board certified in Infection Control and Prevention and was granted the designation of Fellow of APIC in 2015 (FAPIC). She has been in the field of Infection Prevention since 1989. She has participated in the development of a number of APIC guides and served as a speaker for organizations including AORN and APIC. In addition, Sue has been published in journals including AORN Journal, American Journal of Infection Control, The Joint Commission Source for Compliance Strategies and The Pe........


This presentation will focus on the risk of MRSA colonization to patients. The current practice of nasal screening and isolation for MRSA colonized patients will be described as well as universal decolonization as an alternative. The products used for decolonization will also be discussed.

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Colonization of the nasal passage with MRSA increases the risk of infection to the patient and transmission to other patients on the hands and equipment of healthcare workers. The presentation will detail the costs and challenges of the current approach of nasal screening patients and then placing them in isolation or contact precautions. In addition, an alternative approach called universal decolonization will be described in detail.
MRSA infections are associated with significant morbidity, patient and family suffering, and costs. One NICU MRSA infection has been estimated to cost as much as $27,540. Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) which is a common part of human nasal flora, continues to be a leading cause of outbreaks and health-care-associated infections in neonatal intensive care units. Studies have reported that nasal and skin decolonization has reduced MRSA infections and associated healthcare costs.

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