Listening and Its Impact on Documentation and Compliance

Laura S. Hargraves, MS CCC-SLP RAC-CT is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. She has been working in virtually all critical facets of the HealthCare Industry for the past 28 years. A core component to her education and training workshops has been providing rigorous compliance, oversight of all documentation and the understanding of, and adherence to, ever-changing guidelines.; A key attribute of Laura's is her ability to take confusing and complex issues and present them in a clear, concise and real-world manner that is understood and retained by participants.  Laura has a background in educatio........


This webinar will address how listening skills impact documentation. Documentation is increasingly under scrutiny by payers/the person receiving services/government agencies. Documentation is only as accurate as what is recalled and written down. What is listened to and what is heard significantly impact what happens within documentation. The factors which impact listening will be reviewed and how these factors impact what is documented. How to use your listening style or biases to ensure that the optimal information is documented.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Pre - conceived ideas when listening can change what is documented. Inaccuracy created by perception within documentation can make the difference between a lawsuit or a positive resolution of an issue. How to identify biases that might occur through the listening and documentation process can reduce inaccuracy and improve the clarity of documentation. 

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Duration: 75 mins


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