2017 Proposed Home Health PPS Rule: Pre-Payment Review and Other - Regulatory Developments

Laura S. Hargraves, MS CCC-SLP RAC-CT is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. She has been working in virtually all critical facets of the HealthCare Industry for the past 28 years. A core component to her education and training workshops has been providing rigorous compliance, oversight of all documentation and the understanding of, and adherence to, ever-changing guidelines.; A key attribute of Laura's is her ability to take confusing and complex issues and present them in a clear, concise and real-world manner that is understood and retained by participants.  Laura has a background in educatio........


The HH PPS proposed rule is one of the several rules for calendar year 2017 that reflect a broader Administration-wide strategy to create a health care system that results in better care, smarter spending, and healthier people. Provisions in these rules are helping to move our health-care system to one that values quality over quantity and focuses on reforms such as achieving better health outcomes, preventing disease, helping patients return home, helping to manage and improve chronic diseases, and fostering a more-efficient and coordinated health care system.
Home Health Services are undergoing increased scrutiny from CMS, the OIG and other agencies. To most effectively ensure your organizations compliance it is important to know what changes are being proposed and what their impact may be to your organization. This training will provide you with information regarding the proposed changes, what are some strategies that your organization cam implement to ensure compliance .

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The Proposed Rule address issues related to payment , this is the final year of a 4 yr phase in of payment changes. It also looks at Negative Wound Pressure Therapy and the devices needed for this. Pre-payment review has begun and will continue: what to expect from this and how to address the documentation needed. There are also proposed changes to the Home Health Quality Reporting system

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