Best Practices in Nursing Documentation: Writing Effective and Legal Proof Notes

Laura S. Hargraves, MS CCC-SLP RAC-CT is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. She has been working in virtually all critical facets of the HealthCare Industry for the past 28 years. A core component to her education and training workshops has been providing rigorous compliance, oversight of all documentation and the understanding of, and adherence to, ever-changing guidelines.; A key attribute of Laura's is her ability to take confusing and complex issues and present them in a clear, concise and real-world manner that is understood and retained by participants.  Laura has a background in educatio........


This healthcare documentation webinar will discuss how to create a lawsuit-proof, auditable nursing documentation and how to maintain compliance over the course of the document life-time. You will learn how to de-risk your documentation so as to withstand legal scrutiny.

Documentation is the backbone of Medical Necessity and support for services provided. Understanding what is required for documentation is essential. Inappropriate documentation can place you and your organization at risk for medical denials and legal recourse. Understanding what is needed within your documentation is your best defense against both an audit and legal investigations/ lawsuits. Legal issues can take years to be resolved and your documentation needs to survive the test of time.

Why should you attend this webinar?

This training session will cover what is needed within documentation to ensure that it will stand up to both a legal and medical review. It will demonstrate the necessity for accuracy and precision in documentation to decrease the risk of misinterpretation of information which could lead to negative repercussions by legal council or medical auditors.

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Duration: 75 mins

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