The Opioid Epidemic Strikes Campus: How To Mount an Effective Response to this Devastating Addiction

Dr. Aaron W. Hughey is a Professor in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs at Western Kentucky University, where he oversees the graduate degree program in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Before joining the faculty in 1991, he spent 10 years in progressive administrative positions, including five years as the Associate Director of University Housing at WKU. He was also head of the department of Counseling and Student Affairs for five years before returning to the faculty full-time in 2008. Dr. Hughey has degrees from the University of Tennessee at Martin, the University of Ten........


Unfortunately, substance abuse continues to plague our colleges and universities; specifically, the number of college students addicted to opioids has skyrocketed . Everyone on campus is potentially affected by a student experiencing an addiction and the potential for harm to self or others often goes unrecognized. This webinar will discuss the extent of the problem, why it has increased in recent years, the current status of treatment, and what faculty, staff, administrators, and students can do to help the situation. The focus will be on helping individual students with addictions; i.e.., how to identify symptomology, make effective referrals and appropriate interventions, and consult with mental health professionals. Also included will be how to develop and implement evidenced-based programs and services designed to help all students better cope with the devastating effects addictions can have on themselves, those who care about them, and their lives and careers.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Substance abuse is one of the most underreported issues on the contemporary college campus. Whereas alcohol, marijuana and other illicit drugs are still prevalent, there has been an epidemic of abuse with prescription medications over the last three decades. Everyone associated with higher education needs to know how to help students who are in the grips of an addiction as their behavior has the potential to adversely affect the educational process for everyone involved. This issue also has ethical and legal considerations; administrators, faculty and staff need to know what their liability is when dealing with students experiencing an addictive disorder.
Immediately upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to recognize the telltale signs that a student may be experiencing an addiction and, more importantly, what they should do to help the student as well as maintain a safe and secure educational environment. Specifically, participants will know how to approach the student, assess the severity of the situation, and make an effective referral if warranted.

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This webinar would be appropriate for administrators at all levels as well as faculty and staff who work extensively with college students. Those whose responsibilities include the direct delivery of campus mental health services and the assessment/mitigation of risk management would especially benefit from this interactive presentation.

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The Opioid Epidemic Strikes Ca....
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