Handling Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in a Fraud Investigation

Kathy Bazoian Phelps is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey.She has more than 24 years of experience as a lawyer in bankruptcy law, fiduciary representation and fraud litigation, as well as serving as a fiduciary herself. Kathy's practice includes representing trustees and receivers, serving as a Chapter 11 trustee, representation of litigants and parties in interest in bankruptcy and receivership cases and other insolvency proceedings. She is particularly knowledgeable about the administration of Ponzi scheme cases and has extensive litigation experience in a claims arising in these types of cas........


This program will discuss the benefits and difficulties of locating, preserving and using electronically stored information (ESI) in a fraud case. The presentation will discuss where ESI may be stored, the types of legal battles that arise over discovery of ESI, and how best to handle ESI-related issues to keep costs down. A number of issues can arise in the process of obtaining ESI in the discovery process and in determining the scope of ESI that may be obtained. The provisions that should be included in cooperation agreements to coordinate issues of cost, scope and form of production of ESI will be discussed.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Learn about how to deal with the large variety of issues that arise in dealing with ESI and how best to preserve ESI if needed as evidence in a later fraud case 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  1. What is ESI
  2. Where is ESI located
  3. How to cooperate with federal regulators over ESI
  4. How to best obtain ESI records through the discovery process
  5. How to define the scope of ESI to be produced
  6. Factors to consider in sharing the costs of ESI production
  7. Obtaining records from financial institutions
  8. How to deal with attorney-client privilege issues in ESI production
  9. How to preserve ESI for use as evidence in a later trial
  10. Writing a thorough cooperation and coordination agreement to canvas issues relating to ESI
  11. How ESI can help in a commercial fraud case

Who can Benefit:

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Duration: 90 mins

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