Evolving Employee Benefits: A Modern Approach to Traditional Severance

Elizabeth Lutes is Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. She is Senior Vice President, has been leading Transition Services, Inc. for fourteen years. She is also responsible for human resources, planning, and communication for TSI's parent company, the RVI Group. Prior to joining the TSI and RVI teams in 2003, Elizabeth spent 20 years working in private, non-profit, and corporate environments empowering people to see new possibilities and achieve new levels of personal and organizational performance. For 12 years Elizabeth directed the Youth at Risk program, a community-based, volunteer-intensive ........


When it comes to planning layoffs, decision makers tend to take their old severance policy off the shelf, dust it off, and re-apply the generic formula to the situation at hand. This may seem like a safe strategy for an uncomfortable topic, but by leaving severance programs so largely unexamined, many major considerations for a Reduction in Force may be overlooked, perhaps resulting in greater organization liability, unnecessary spending, and inefficiently utilized employee benefits dollars.
In this webinar, we will examine financial strategies available through the use of a Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB) Plan that has been tested by time to maintain an employee's regular wage during their unemployment period, while costing their former employer a fraction of traditional severance expenses.
Our examination will begin with exploring the origins of the IRS sanctioned, FICA tax exempt SUB Plan, followed by an in-depth look into the modern day applications of these Plans, presenting several case studies which illustrate the financial benefits a SUB Plan provides to both a company and transitioning employee.
Please join us as we spotlight key considerations for planning and administering a RIF, and consider alternative severance strategies to best support a company and employee population during a reorganization.

Why should you attend this webinar?

Despite the significant severance costs that many companies face, there is surprisingly very little knowledge of the existence of alternative severance strategies.
Severance is provided to maintain goodwill, to acknowledge the disruption of an involuntary termination, and to provide support during the transition to new employment. These same goals can be accomplished using the IRS approved, employment tax exempt, SUB Plan; a far more equitable and efficient separation pay structure. Adoption of SUB Pans seems to be growing rapidly, as impressive cost savings are demonstrated by companies across a spectrum of industries.
As compensation and benefits programs continue to evolve, SUB Plans continue to offer a prominent solution for organizations looking to conserve costs while providing meaningful assistance to severed employees. A SUB Plan empowers a workforce to be agile and optimized to deliver what?s required, while also preserving the company's commitments to efficiency and the bottom line.  

Areas Covered in the Session:

During this webinar, we promise to deliver a rich discussion encompassing the practical, financial, legal and cultural aspects of creating a long-term successful separation benefits plan that supports both the company and its employees during a period of transition. Specific areas to be covered include:

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