W-2 Errors: How to Avoid Them, How to Correct Them

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A major task of Payroll departments is providing W-2 Forms to employees and to the Social Security Administration. The Forms must be correct, complete, and filed on time or the employer may face stiff penalties. For 2016 and later W-2 Forms the due date for filing the forms with the Social Security Administration was moved up to January 31. This also means that the dates for making corrections with reduced penalties have also been accelerated.

In addition the IRS expects to see more errors on W-2 Forms and has changed the rules regarding de minimis corrections for returns filed after December 31, 2016. This webinar will discuss the common and not so common errors and adjustments that affect Forms W-2 and actions you can take now to reduce or prevent filing problems and errors, special reporting situations, and what to do when errors are discovered. It will also cover the changes under the new filing deadlines.

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Payroll taxes are a serious issue for the IRS. Two thirds of federal taxes are collected through the payroll tax system. By law, employers must withhold federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes from employees' wages.

In response to instances of identity theft and tax fraud involving W-2 Forms, the IRS and Social Security Administration changed the due dates for filing certain information returns including W-2 Forms. Under the previous rules, employers were able to use the time between the due date for issuing W-2 Forms to employees and the due date for filing the Forms with the SSA to correct errors detected by employees or their tax advisors.

The IRS expects that the earlier filing date will result in more errors on Forms W-2 because employers will no longer have time to correct errors reported by employees prior to the filing due date. The IRS also instituted new rules regarding corrections that cover de minimus errors in dollar amounts. Except for errors meeting the new de minimus criteria, errors in dollar amounts are never de minimus and must be corrected with the SSA.

In addition, the penalties for noncompliance were increased for returns filed after December 31, 2015 and are indexed for inflation. It is more important than ever to prevent errors and correct any errors that do occur as quickly as possible.

There are also special situations where corrections are required that are not due to errors on the previously filed Forms. For example, corrections of Form W-2 due to employee repayment of a prior year wage overpayment. There are special procedures for such situations that must be followed to prevent future errors.

It is important for anyone dealing with payroll to be aware of the impact of errors on an employer in terms of costs of correction and penalties and how to eliminate or mitigate errors and the effects of errors.

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